How to start with the ERP?

The following section gives you tips on what to look out for and which steps to follow.

Step 1

Define Commodity Groups (Categories) & Storages.
All products that are imported into the ERP-System must be assigned to a commodity group (category) and a storage location. This is necessary for the inventory.

Step 2

Make orders and import your orders. It is important that products are imported into the ERP-System via order import. In the course of time, you map all products in your ERP-System.

Step 3

In order for the Recipes to be booked out of the warehouse, all cash register items such as Wiener Schnitzel or Gin Tonic must be precisely formulated. It is necessary to link the cash register data with the recipes and the ingredients. 

Step 4

When all supplier products (ingredients) are stored in the ERP-System and the cash register has been connected to the system and your recipes, the correct stock level (initial stock level) can be determined by an Inventory.