Profile & Personal Settings

Create your profile and personal settings as you need it.

  • Click on Icon User.
  • Choose Profile. 

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Your Profile

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Here you can change your user and the login email address for your account.

If you change the email address we will send you a confirmation email to your new email address. After you have confirmed the link in the email, the status in the profile will be set to verified (see image above).

If the email address is not verified you will see the status as shown below:

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Change password

Changing your password requires you to enter your current password and enter the new password twice.

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Forgot password

The password can be reset at any time see this Link. Prerequisite is that you have access to the registered email address. 

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Business information

Here you will find the details of your company. This data is also valid for your invoice. If you want to change them you can do it here.