How do I create a Shop?

In the following section 2 possibilities are shown how you can import the product range of your supplier into a store.

Navigation in the shop

  • Create Shop - define the basic settings of your Shop, like Name, Order Type, Minimum Order Amount..
  • Products - add the assortment.
  • Commodity groups - define the product groups like fruits, vegetables, diary products.
  • Back to Shops - get back to the order area.

Click on Products to import your products from the supplier. There are two possibilities: Single Item or Excel Import.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-11-30 um 10.23.58

Single Item

Before adding single items define your Commodity Groups such as beverages, wine, fruits.

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  • Click on Single Item to add your product.

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  • Add the data of your product like base data, categories, units&prices, identification, sale of quality.
  • Click on Save to confirm.
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Excel Import

For a large number of products we recommend to import the products via Excel Import. 
Click on the button Excel Import and on the link Download Excel Form.

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The Excel Form opens, now you can add all your products in the Excel Form.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-11-30 um 11.01.11

If you finished that step, save to confirm and switch back to your FoodNotify Account to upload your list via click on Choose File.

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If you already have items in the shop and you want to add more, you can download the existing list and add the additional products in the list below. 

Here you´ll also find the Excel Form for adding items.