FAQ - How do I order with FoodNotify?

See how easy it is to place all your orders via FoodNotify.

  • Click on Shop in your FoodNotify Account.
  • Choose the Shop where your want to order from.

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  • The product list of the shop opens.
  • The box with the grid allows you to switch to the product list or back to the image view.

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  • For some products you have the possibility to choose whether you want to order by unit or by single packaging (depending on whether the supplier allows this or not).
  • To do so, click on the unit (underlined in blue) and change it as required.
  • Click on Add to cart to add products and minus or plus icon to change the quantity of the products.
  • Click on Cart to open the shopping cart.

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  • In the shopping cart is shown if the delivery will be on another delivery day (this results from the settings made before).
  • Adjust the quantities if necessary.
  • Change the cost center if available.
  • Add a comment for the supplier (in case of a test order, you can also note this information here).
  • Click on Send Order to place the order.
  • Depending on the connection of the store, the order is either sent to the supplier by e-mail or in the background in a previously agreed format (EDI,..).

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  • To get an overview of the orders you have placed, click on Orders in the left sidebar.

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  • Click on an order, to open it. Now you have the possibility to order the same products again or to add more.
  • Via clicking on PDF Download you can open and print them in PDF format.

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As soon as the orders have been delivered, they must be accepted and imported into the ERP system. Read here how to accept orders.