Why do I have to provide my UID Number?

Why do I have to provide my UID Number for using FoodNotify?

According to the terms and conditions, FoodNotify may only offer the service to entrepreneurs. Therefore, we ask for the UID. 

If you are a non-profit organization or an association and do not have a UID, please contact FoodNotify Support.

What is an UID Number?

The VAT identification number (UID number) is a special registration number that is used for identification purposes vis-à-vis other companies and is assigned to entrepreneurs by the responsible tax office in the course of assigning the tax number. 

In the case of transactions within the internal market, the use of the UID number by the companies involved enables VAT-exempt deliveries or the shifting of the place of performance in the case of certain services. 

The existence of a correct UID number is one of the prerequisites for the VAT exemption of an intra-community supply. 

As of 1.1.2020, the valid UID number of the recipient (in addition to the timely submission of the recapitulative statement) is a material legal prerequisite for claiming tax exemption for intra-community delivery. If there is no valid UID number of the recipient at the time of the delivery, the intra-community delivery is to be treated as a taxable delivery. 

Structure of the UID numbers for Germany:

DE 9 other digits (ex. DE123456789).

Source: WKO



If you don´t have an UID already, please check the requirements here:

Austria: UID Information and Application

Germany: UID Information and Application