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Creating a recipe

To create a new recipe, select "New recipe" from the top menu or the side menu.

You will be redirected to the recipe form.

Here you can enter your recipe step by step.

Name, description and photo

Start with the recipe name and description of the dish. You can also upload one or more photos to the recipe. The name, the photo (optional) and the description (optional) are displayed on the menu.

Tip: You can easily translate the name and the description into different languages.

Groups and price

Groups / categories can be used to categorize your recipes and make them easier to find.

These categories / groups are available in the recipe overview under "My recipes" on the right side of the page as filter options.

Under Price, enter the selling price of your dish. This price is used for the menus and the coverage fee calculator.


In the next step, look for the ingredients you want in the ingredient search box. To do so, type the name of the ingredient (eg chicken, celery, salt, etc.) or branded products (eg: "Trademark" soup powder, etc.) or the article number of the article from your dealer.

You will be shown the search results that can be used to refine them. Click on the ingredient to add it to your recipe. You can enter the grammage and select the unit (eg g, kg, ml, l, etc.). Volume measurements such as TS, ts, cup, etc. are not supported since a nutritional value calculation can only be carried out with exact grammatical data.

Info: For some ingredients, such as egg yolk, you have the option to choose the piece (pcs). Please note that this is not possible with all ingredients, since otherwise a nutritional value calculation can not be calculated correctly.

The search is not just for ingredients from our database. You can also search for "Own Ingredients" or use already created recipes in your recipe as ingredients.

FIR or nutritional data not available

If no nutritional values or no FIR data are stored for an ingredient, this is indicated in the search results by means of the markings "n.a. nutritional values" or "n.a. FIR".

Own ingredients

If you can not find a desired ingredient in our database, you can create these ingredients as your own ingredients. To do this, click "Not found? Add new ingredient." And enter the desired information in the fields provided.

In the ingredient search, the ingredients are marked with the appropriate yellow marking.

Please note that you are responsible for the correctness of your data.

Recipes as an ingredient

Besides own ingredients, you can also use your recipes as ingredients in other recipes.

Just search for the recipe name in the ingredient search. If you have chosen the recipe, you can then use the same as the ingredients and put the weight and price to calculate the use of these ingredients. The LMIV and nutrient data as well as the costs are included in their current recipe.

Comments and tips

At the bottom of the recipe you will find a free text field for comments, preparation steps, dressing instructions or additional information.

Save recipe

After you have saved your recipe, the recipe view is shown. Once you see this overview, you know that your recipe has been saved.

In the right side menu, you will see the calculated nutritional values and allergens

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