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To register at FoodNotify, visit In the menu bar above, select "Register".

You are then guided through the registration process.

Registration process

  1. Type your email address and confirm it
  2. Insert a self-defined password (minimum length 8 characters)
  3. Confirm the general business and data protection regulations
  4. Please enter your contact information:
    • Country
    • Company Name
    • Contact person
    • Address
    • Phone number

In the next step, you select your suppliers. To do this, click on the supplier's logo and add your customer number of the respective supplier. By clicking on "Next", your data will be sent to your supplier for verification and the range will be cleared for you after successful verification. (You can still do this step later.)

After successful registration you will be redirected to the web platform and will be welcomed by our "digital assistant - Carrie". Carrie explains in a tour of FoodNotify or create a first recipe.

In addition, you will also receive an email with a confirmation link, please confirm your link to validate your account.

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