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Data updates

From time to time manufacturers change the recipes or preparation methods of their products. If this applies to one of your used ingredients, you will be notified by e-mail and in the platform by notification (red circle next to data update).

This means that you are always well informed when your recipes and their associated labeling have changed - and of course your customers as well.

When you open the ingredient, you can compare your data and the new data.

Please note: We will get the new manufacturer data about 6 weeks before they are getting delivered. Please check the ingredients and transfer your data to your account only if you already have the same information also on your packaging of your used ingredient.

Select "Update new data" to transfer the ingredient data into your recipes and menus.

Use "Edit later" to save the change for later processing. With the button "Delete", you can completely delete the notification and the updated ingredient data. 

Please note: If you delete the data and do not take over, you are responsible and liable for the accuracy of your data.

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