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Contribution margin management

To get a quick overview of your ingredients, use the menu "Coverage contribution". Here you can search for ingredients or open the entire list of ingredients with all prices.

Ingredient list

Within the list of ingredients, you have the option to check or redefine a purchase price for your ingredients. Many products from suppliers are already delivered with a daily price - if you have connected them. To make a price for yourself, please adjust the quantity and the price (eg: olive oil 1 liter - € 18,00).

Confirm your entries with the Enter key. The price for the ingredient is adjusted in all recipes and incorporated into the calculation of the goods use.

Import / Export

You have the possibility to export all your ingredients via Excel file. Then you can adjust the prices and quantities offline in the file and then upload them again.

Please note: Do not modify the structure or the internal ingredient ID otherwise the document can not be read correctly after processing.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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