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Own ingredients

If you can not find a desired ingredient in the FoodNotify database, you can create it yourself as an article in the FoodNotify. These ingredients can be used in your recipes.

Please note: you yourself are responsible for your own ingredients and are also responsible for the wrong identification of these.

Add your own ingredient

To create your own ingredient, select "Own ingredient" from the side menu (Recipes) and choose "New ingredient", or choose "Add own ingredient" under the ingredient list when creating a recipe.

Subsequently, they are forwarded to a form which you fill with the ingredient data:

  • Name of the ingredient
  • Other names, synonyms, search terms
  • EAN (barcode) - if available
  • Allergens
  • Traces of allergens
  • Nutritional values per 100g
  • Package size
  • Additives

Once you have stored all the data, save your inputs to use the ingredient in your recipes.

"Own ingredients" are only available to you and are not shared with other FoodNotify users.

Use your own ingredient

To use your own ingredient in a recipe, search for the ingredient name in the ingredient search box. You can recognize your own ingredients by adding "your own ingredients" right next to the ingredient.

You can define a price for your own ingredient to enable the use of profit margin calculation.

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